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Subject: The Adventures of Chet Pectoral, Book 2 Chapter 8HelloIt’s time to correct a mistake. I want to thank a couple of readers for
pointing it out to me. In Book One, Chapter 19 Brick got captured and
sold. Instead of Brick I used the name Vince (his brother). So, there you
have it. It doesn’t matter what we call him he’s just a slave anyway but I
wanted to clear it up.It is time to correct the error because we need to start catching up with
some old friends.Oh, I have a blog now. If you want more pecs it’s - pecsandporn.com.Thank you again to everyone who is writing and encouraging me to keep
going. I need it.
The Adventures of Chet Pectoral
Book 2
Chapter Eight of Twelve
In Louisville, Kentucky, Brick walked down the hallway. He was
clothed in jeans, a leather vest and a black leather armband on his left
arm. He wore a heavy chain around his neck with a padlock.
Both the chain and the lock were solid gold.
He did not have the key.
It was good to be back in the United States. His time in Africa
had been nice but it was not the same. He walked into the large room and
found himself a seat. In his pocket was over one hundred thousand dollars
in vouchers. He would use the money to buy slaves at the auction he was
now attending.
Brick had used the last year to secure his place as the alpha slave
of his new master and he was now the highest ranking slave in the stable as
well as his master’s lover.
How did he earn that place?
He fought other slaves. His first fight was against a much larger man but Brick was well
prepared and tough and won his first fight. His master asked him what he
wanted as a reward for winning his first fight for this was not normal and
it immediately put Brick in a class above the other slaves.
Brick looked at his new master. The man was a thin black man with
grey hair and a perfectly tailored suit. The estate where he lived was the
largest home Brick had ever seen.
He did not know his master’s name. In the entire time he had been
there he had never heard the man called anything other than Sir.
“I want to keep my name,” Brick said.
Sir looked him up and Preteen Lolitas down. Brick was sweaty and cum was dripping
from his dick because when he beat the other slave he jerked off and shot
his load all over the slave’s body when he was done.
Sir nodded. Brick was able to keep his name and it was his first victory both
in and out of the ring. His master came to immediately value him and bet
heavily on his fights. He made his master a lot of money. In fact, he had
not lost a fight yet.
Brick did not even think about what happened to the slaves he beat
in the ring. He had heard rumors that after three losses a slave was not
heard from again but he did not care.
When he won his second fight Brick asked to move into the main
When he won his third fight Brick asked to become the lover of his
master. His master agreed. Now, he worked as if he were the master. He
was the top and fucked his master. He did all of the buying of slaves and
handling them. His master simply relaxed. Soon he would kill his master
and take over.
But not yet.
For now he was still learning.
He had been in touch with his brother and his brother had been
giving him the best slaves before they came to auction.
He looked around the crowded room and saw the other slave masters
or their representatives. This was the best sale of the year and Brick
would use all of the money he had to fill his stable with the best fight
A slave was on stage in chains. He was a young red head with a 10
inch cock. The boy was shaking but able to maintain a hard on. Such men
were a rare find. Red heads were in high demand and the bidding was heavy.
Brick waited until the very end and then outbid them taking the slave for
his own.
The slave was brought over to him and he ran his hands over the
slave’s smooth freckled body. Its nipples were large and pink and needed
attention. He grabbed the slaves cock and the boy pulled away. Lightly,
he slapped the slave on his shoulder.
“It’s ok boy,” Brick said.
It wasn’t ok but the lie would help calm the slave for now.
Again Brick reached out to grab the slaves cock. The boy allowed
it Preteen Lolitas this time and Brick jerked the slave off until the slave was about to
cum. He put the boy’s cock in his mouth and sucked out his load. The boy
bucked and moaned.
“I’m keeping you as mine,” he told the boy.
The boy smiled at him. Brick looked up and saw his brother on stage, leading another slave
out to be sold. They would eventually own the Africa slave ranch, of that
he was sure. This slave was a solid boy but Preteen Lolitas far too young for him. He did
not bid.
Oh, yes he had big plans.
He needed to advance quickly. He wanted revenge upon Primbatu who
had double crossed him. Brick had planned Preteen Lolitas it for so long and would
eventually have everything in place.
On stage the young slave was sold and another brought on for
Brick smiled. This one was perfect, big pecs, slightly hairy, body
big and bloated from steroids but young enough to still not be too big.
The boy had dark hair and a nice cock.
Brick bought that slave which was Preteen Lolitas led to him. This one he had
locked in a chastity Preteen Lolitas devise and hooded. The hood only had a hole for the
slave’s mouth and was locked on with a heavy pad lock that made the slave
bow its head. Brick turned to the red headed slave.
“Aren’t you lucky?” he asked.
“Yes,” Preteen Lolitas the slave said and then added, “Sir.”
Brick turned to one of his assistants, indicating the slave he had
just hooded.
“His name is Dante. Have the name put on his body on his right
His assistant led the hooded slave away.
Brick smiled.
Things were going good.
For him life as a slave had been a step up.
In San Fransisco, Chet rode the fat man’s cock.
The man was ugly but as Chet had discovered every man had a feature
that Chet could focus on. For example, this man had a cock with a thick
head. He could feel it rub against his prostate. Chet used his training
making the man think that Chet was into him. He grabbed the man’s nipples
and twisted hard making the man cum. Under him the man bucked and moaned.
Chet got off the cock and walked to the shower and cleaned himself.
The man soon walked into the bathroom intending to join Chet in the
“That was so hot,” Chet lied.
The man entered the shower and they played in the shower for a bit.
“Does this thing ever Preteen Lolitas
go down?” the man said making Chet cum again.
Chet laughed.
The man laughed.
“You’re going to be perfect,” the man said.
The man was a porn producer and Chet had approached him in a bar
and pretended to recognize him. Soon the man asked him if he wanted to do
porn. This had been Chet’s “audition”.
Chet left the shower first and when the man came back into the
bedroom Chet handed him a glass of wine.
The man smiled and they drank and the man soon Preteen Lolitas fell asleep. Chet
had put a light sedative in the drink. He half carried and half dragged
the fat man, who was heavier than Chet expected, to the bed, laying him
down. Chet walked nude into the man’s office, his cock bouncing.
This was his first assignment.
Determine what Ramrod was and why Primbatu wanted it.
The only lead the government had given Preteen Lolitas Chet about Ramrod was that
it was linked to the porn industry and that this man had a connection to
it. Chet looked around the office.
How do you find something when you do not even know what it is? There was a laptop computer on the man’s desk and Chet opened the
laptop and then closed it again. Something had caught his eye. On the
wall opposite the desk was a book shelf and on the book shelf was, in
addition to the books, a collection of porn videos.
Chet walked over to the book shelf and looked at the DVDs that sat
on the shelf. He ran his fingers over them. They were alphabetical and
Chet whispered as he looked at them.
“A . . . K. . . Q”
Then he stopped at R.
“It can’t be that easy,” he said to himself.
There it was.
A movie called Ramrod.
Chet took the movie and looked. On the front of the DVD it said
“The classic everyone has been asking for”. A man on the cover was naked,
his large cock not quite hard and it lay on his muscular thigh. The man
had bushy dark hair, a hairy chest and a mustache. His hands were behind
his head and his body was covered with sweat. He was handsome and Chet
felt his cock jump.
There it was in large letters the words “DEVON HUNG IS RAMROD.”
Chet took the DVD.
He walked around the Preteen Lolitas office, spending about an hour, but took
nothing else. He went to the bedroom and got dressed, the fat man still
asleep. Chet walked back into the office, opened up the computer and
started it. He put in the dvd. As the computer started up, Chet took out
his cell phone and called. “This is Control.”
Chet punched several keys on the phone and put the cell phone on
top of the computer. Several beeps sounded and the computer started
working giving the Agency access to the computer and the information
contained on the DVD. While the computer worked Chet cleaned up the glass
he used to drug the fat man. When he went back to the computer it was done
and the phone had been disconnected. Chet got dressed and left. The man
would wake up and think he had passed out and Chet had left in the morning.
In front of the house a black BMW waited.
He got in.
“Everything go ok?” Agent Masters asked.
Chet smiled. It was a huge grin and Masters could tell he was very
pleased with himself.
“Yeah,” Chet said, “fun too.”
“Good,” Masters said, “Blow me.”
Chet leaned over, unzipped the agent’s pants and pulled his cock
out. He got into position and took the Preteen Lolitas cock deep into his mouth.
“Gooooood boy,” Masters said, “You’re such a pig.”
Chet did not answer he just sucked the cock for all he was worth. Chet and Masters had sex that night. Chet was high from the
mission and horny and his handler did everything he could to satisfy him.
The man fucked him for all he was worth. His handler was a good man, the
lover of his best friend but he still used Chet like a bitch.
That’s what Chet was and this was the only thing that felt real.
Getting fucked and used.
What had he become?
What had Primbatu done to him?
When they finished fucking he asked, “is it true that Ramrod is a
person and not a thing?”
“Don’t know,” Derek said, “but we’re going to locate him and
investigate”. Chet sat in one of the modern chairs in the hotel room waiting
while his handler showered.
He wanted to see his lover, to hear his voice.
Chet called Dean the next morning just to say hello.
There was no answer.
Dean called him back the next day and Chet told him he would be
home for one day for the holiday.
Dean told him he had a game to play.
“I miss you but I have commitments.” Dean said.
“I’m not going to come home then,” Chet said. Chet hung up the phone wondering what had happened to their
relationship. Were they growing apart? Chet loved Dean more than anything
but he could feel them drifting away. Chet went into the shower to have sex again.
Thanksgiving. Chet unlocked the door to his hotel and walked in.
He was spending the holiday alone and wanted more than anything to
be with someone. Masters had gone home to be with his Preteen Lolitas lover and Dean was
playing football in what was billed as the biggest game of the year.
He was still on the west coast waiting for word on the data he had
sent the Agency.
His cell phone rang and he picked it up.
“Hello.” Chet said.
“I only have a minute but I wanted to say hello.”
It was Dean.
“Happy Thanksgiving,” Chet said.
“What’s wrong?”
How did Dean know something was wrong? Did he know him that well?
“Ahhh,” Dean chuckled, “Such is the life of an international sex
They made small talk for a bit and then Dean said.
“I have a surprise for you,” Dean said. There was a knock at his hotel room door.
“Answer it,” Dean said.
Chet smiled.
“Is it you?” Chet asked.
“No,” Dean told him, “I ordered you room service.” Chet opened the door to his hotel room.
An Asian man stood there, impeccably dressed. Obviously he worked
for the hotel. He was about 5′5″ and had short hair and his body was
obviously in great shape. Chet guessed he was in his mid forties.
“Are you Mr. Fallon?” the Asian man asked him.
Chet nodded. It was the fake name he was using.
The man walked in and called to Preteen Lolitas
two men in the hallway.
“Bring it in,” he said.
“What’s going on,” Chet asked Dean on the phone.
“Have fun,” as Dean answered Chet heard a lot of noise, obviously
the game was getting ready to start again, “I have to go.” Two boys walked into his room to join Chet and the Asian man. The
two men were both young, probably early twenties, one blonde one dark
haired, both had bushy hair and tight bodies but were not muscled like
Chet. They were dressed in tight white tank tops and white shorts. Both
pieces of clothing hugged their bodies and showed off their muscles.
The Asian man walked past him and started to leave the room. He
turned and spoke to Chet one last time.
“Enjoy,” he said and left.
One of the young men addressed him as they both began to strip.
“We’re here to use your body Mr. Fallon.”
Both boys approached Chet, one on the right and one on the left.
They pulled Chet’s shirt off and instantly both boys were on his tits, each
taking one in their mouth. Chet moaned his cock instantly leaking. He
gasped as the mouths sucked, bit and licked his nipples in total unison.
“Oooooooooooooooh,” Chet moaned. They were so good his legs almost
buckled, “Let me get out of my pants.”
Chet reached down to undo his pants but one of the boys smacked his
hands away.
“Don’t do anything,” the boy said.
They pulled off of his tits and undressed him. Then both of them
undressed themselves.
When he was nude one got down on his knees and began Preteen Lolitas to suck his
cock while the other rimmed him. The one sucking his cock reached up to
continue to play with his tits, pushing and pulling them. Chet came in the
boy’s mouth but the boy continued to suck him. Preteen Lolitas He felt the one behind him
stand up and the feeling of cool lube enter his hole. The boy started to
push his cock in and Chet bent a bit, taking it, the boy in front of him
kept sucking for all he was worth and he came again the boy taking the load
deep down his throat.
Chet yelped as the cock pushed in. It was thick and it entered him
slowly. He could feel the boy move his cock around in his ass until he
found Chet’s prostate and once he heard Chet moan from the feeling the boy
began to ram Chet’s prostate making him leak more from his own cock.
Suddenly the door to his room opened and two more men came in.
They were young men just like the two servicing him now one latin and one
black. They too began to strip. Chet ignored them.
The interruption did not stop Chet from getting fucked. He had
just began to ride the cock and nothing was going to make him stop. The
two approached them and each of them took one of Chet’s nipples in his
mouth and began to work them. He had four men on him now, one sucking him,
one fucking him and two on his nipples.
Chet leaked cum into the boy’s mouth moaning.
He needed this.
He needed the release and the distraction and he surrendered fully
to it.
The boy sucking his cock stopped for a minute and looked up at him.
“Will you fuck me?” he asked. Chet hesitated. He wasn’t a top and when was the last time he had
done it? There was no desire inside of him but he wanted it for some
Chet nodded and the boy instantly changed positions, pushing his
ass onto Chet’s cock. Chet yelled. The feeling was incredible as the
boy’s tight ass engulfed his cock. Instantly Chet came inside the boy
lubing the ass further and shoving in deeper. Under him the boy moaned.
Now, Chet was not only being fucked but he was fucking. There was
no feeling like it as Chet simply stood in place and let the two work him
in unison. Moans filled the room. They used Chet for hours like that all
of them working to satisfy his every need. At one point one of the boys
asked him how he was doing and Chet responded with one word “more”. Chet woke the next morning in his bed alone.
His tits were so sore and his ass felt used. He lifted the white
sheet that covered his body and looked down.
He laughed, his cock hard as always.
The phone rang, it was Derek.
“I have news for you.” He said.
Chet paused letting him continue.
“We’ve located the man from the video Ramrod.”
“Is he the right guy?” Chet asked. He couldn’t believe that Ramrod
was a person. He expected Primbatu to want a nuclear bomb or something.
Not just a person.
“Yes, and there’s more to him than meets the eye.”
Chet heard Derek moan on the other end of the phone.
“What are you doing?” Chet asked.
“Letting my boyfriend blow me,” Derek said laughing.
Chet could imagine Nick on his knees sucking for all he was worth
and got jealous.
“Tell him I said hello. What’s next? I’m tired of just sitting
here on the west coast.”
“Well,” Agent Master said hesitating, “you’re going to keep going
west. You’re being sent to get him.”
“Are you going to tell me what’s so special about this man and
where I’m going?” Chet asked. He didn’t like the idea of going anywhere
this time of year. It was the holidays and he wanted to go home to be with
“All I know is that he owns slaves just like Primbatu. But I think
there’s more. I don’t know.” Masters paused moaning loud and obviously
cumming. Chet heard him talk to Nick, “Make sure you get every drop of
cum, bitch.”
Wasn’t love grand. Later.
It was the end of November and Chet sat on an airplane headed
further away from the man he loved and closer to his final destiny. At that same moment.
There is a large plantation and a man is standing on the back
patio. He looks out over his land.
A young boy comes up to him. The young boy is dressed in linen
pants and a leather collar. The boy is tall, muscular and has long blond
“Sorry to disturb you, Sir,” the boy says.
The man nods.
“I’ve been asked to tell you that he is coming. Chet Pectoral is
The man nods again.
He is neither sad nor happy.
This has been coming for a long time and he has waited for it. It
has always been in the back of his mind.
The man turns to face the boy and then reaches out to ruffle the
boy’s hair.
The man smiles. It is not a Preteen Lolitas happy smile. It is a smile that
indicates he wants to make sure he does not scare the boy.
“Then it is time to prepare isn’t it?” the man says.
He leads the boy back into the plantation house.
His staff knows what to do and will work quickly to get ready.
The plan is in place.
He has waited so long.To be continued. . .
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